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Do you know how it feels when your creativity is unleashed?

To exceed one’s expectations and feel free inside? That’s something we would all like, but for which there is no magic formula. Or is there? Imagine you are in a farmer’s garden, in full bloom, on a beautiful summer’s day, painting with likeminded individuals.

Or you are standing on stage with a choir, in front of an old castle, and are singing with all your heart and soul, so you get goose bumps.

This is all possible. And more and more people are discovering that they not only enjoy creative activities in their free time, it also gives them fresh impetus for their daily work. In fact it’s even supposed to leave you feeling younger.

More and more artists are settling in Burgenland. They discover the magic of this landscape’s endless expanses, its Mediterranean climate, the idyllic pastures, woods and vineyards. This is a place where they can really express their creativity, and they are happy to pass on a little of it. Experience Burgenland’s cultural diversity with all your senses and become part of it yourself, whether it’s at a painting workshop, a wood carving seminar, a ceramics course, or a rock seminar.

Now is the time to discover where your own creative talents lie!

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