Burgenland geese
A Pannonian festival for gourmets

Every year in autumn Burgenland holds the Gans Burgenland (Burgenland geese) gourmet festival, during which 40 attractive offers and events associated with Burgenland’s feathered emblem take place from the start of September until well into December. The spectrum ranges from feather pillow-stuffing workshops, via Martinmas events, to delicious goose-based gala dinners.  

Until the 1960s almost every village had a flock of geese and a crispy, freshly roasted goose was the crowning glory of almost every feast. Geese then almost disappeared. In 2002 a group of dedicated farmers came together to found the “Südburgenländische Weidegans“ association, an organisation committed to upholding the tradition of south Burgenland free-range geese, and in a very short time they had revived the fortunes of this traditional domestic animal.
There are currently around 6,000 geese once again foraging in Burgenland, eating rich meadow grass and providing more and more gourmets with their juicy, fine-grained flesh - more than enough reason for Burgenland’s restaurants and hotels, cultural institutions and regional speciality producers to dedicate a festival specifically to our feathered friends. Now, from the start of September to mid-December, a gourmet range of events is once again helping the Pannonian tradition of goose keeping to take flight.

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