Creative cooks and a rainbow of produce

Warm hospitality, a pleasant atmosphere and traditional, local menus whose hidden treasures are almost exotic in their flavourful history and novelty - just a snapshot of the culinary landscape between lake Neusiedl and the Weinidylle Nature Reserve. Burgenland invites you on a journey of discovery for true connoisseurs...

If the wine is good, the eating is usually good too. Pannonian cuisine marries Austrian, Hungarian and Croatian influences to produce charming creations. Visitors are enticed to sample the delights of an exceptional range of natural produce, cooks who celebrate their craft with creativity 

and innovation and restaurants whose architecture and design create a fantastic atmosphere. The range of venues is as varied as the cuisine. It extends from ancient village inns with rustic tap rooms, to restaurants serving good home cooking and temples to gourmet cuisine.

You will be equally welcome in brewery taps, country inns and wine bars, castle taverns and cellars, fish restaurants, inns on Baroque palace estates, in homely cafés and tea rooms, whether you go out to dinner in an elegant outfit, or take a snack break casually dressed for a bike ride.

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