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South Burgenland

Don‘t postpone doing anything that can be peacefully resolved here

Southern Burgenland is criss-crossed with rolling hills and bordered by romantic river landscapes. Traditions are deeply rooted in everyday life here. Restless souls will also be able to relax here in this seclusion, with plenty of opportunities to enjoy nature and the numerous recreational activities on hand. Relaxing activities will help burnt-out souls to regenerate, whether it enables them to forge new plans or just calmly regain focus.

South Burgenland is simply made for getting away from hectic life.

Off the beaten track - but not lonely. Getting down to basics - but not colourless.

Colourless? Quite the contrary! During the springtime botanical rarities such as the snake's head fritillary lure people outside whilst during the autumn the magnificent colours of nature enchant. It takes a lot of scope and free space to execute successful events. At the very essence of this are a generous, creative environment that stimulates the mind and emotions, openness and genuine hospitality.

The best way to round off a successful seminar day is in a tavern – with a small glass of Uhudler wine and a “Brettljausn” plate of cold cuts. And then the inevitable will happen: from a mind full of busy stressful thoughts to the tranquillity of ingenious ideas. 

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