Central Burgenland - Sunshine Country
Blaufränkisch country


You might almost think that the sun is a little bit enamoured of central Burgenland, because not only does it come out sooner and more often here, but it stays longer than it does elsewhere. The region is rightly known as “Sunshine Country”. It’s a gently hilly area with idyllic orchards, vineyards, far-reaching deciduous woodlands and extensive, sweeping fields.

The region has long been a magnet for culture vultures - Franz Liszt, a key figure in the history of music, was born in Raiding. There is a museum and concert hall dedicated to him.

Other obvious sightseeing destinations in the area include Lockenhaus Castle, Lackenbach Castle, Kobersdorf Castle and Deutschkreutz Castle plus, last but not least, the ruins of Landsee Castle, once one of central Europe’s biggest defensive complexes.

There are many different opportunities for sports in Sunshine Country: riding a trolley along the romantic stretch of railway line through Blaufränkisch country, pitch and putt with the family in Lutzmannsburg, climbing on a high ropes course, or a cycle ride on nicely surfaced cycle routes.


Families visiting the only spa for babies and toddlers in Europe can enjoy a facility totally geared to the needs of bathers young and old. 

Central Burgenland is inextricably linked with wine. Its long, traditional association with a certain variety has given the region its nickname of “Blaufränkisch Mittelburgenland”. Four municipalities, with vineyards covering 2,100 hectares, are the predominant wine-growing areas: Deutschkreutz, Horitschon, Neckenmarkt and Lutzmannsburg. In summer there are red wine festivals and wine tastings that you simply must experience. 

Contact and information

Regionalverband Blaufränkisch Mittelburgenland
Florianigasse 2, 7361 Lutzmannsburg
T +43 (0)2615 879 47


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