Weinidylle Nature Reserve

The Weinidylle Nature Reserve is located in the east of the southern Burgenland district of Güssing and also covers parts of the wine-growing municipality of Deutsch Schützen-Eisenberg. This area is characterised by small-scale vineyards and romantic, thatched cellars, as well as rare fauna and flora in alluvial forests and wetlands. There is an educational nature trail dedicated to the botanist Clusius around the reservoir in Urbersdorf. It is possible to watch wild boar and razor-backed hogs, different species of deer and rare breed farm animals in the neighbouring game reserve. The cellar district in Heiligenbrunn, with its 106 listed wine cellars, many of which still have the traditional thatched roofs, is one of the most romantic destinations for a day out in the region.

In addition to lovingly reconstructed vaults from wineries, the Moschendorf Wine Museum also contains the Uhudler vinotheque, the Vinest vinotheque and the regional vinotheque with the best vintages from the Weinidylle. You can sample farmers’ regional produce and top wines at countless roadside taverns from Hamerlberg, across the Stremer-Berg, to the Heiligenbrunn cellar district, and from Moschendorf, along the Pinktaler wine route, to the famous vineyard slopes of Deutsch Schützen-Eisenberg.


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