Landseer Berge nature reserve
Between the Alps and the Hungarian Lowlands

All of the Landseer Berge Nature Reserve is protected. It lies in the western part of sunny central Burgenland and also encompasses parts of the neighbouring Bucklige Welt in Lower Austria. The nature reserve’s total area is approximately 6,500 hectares. The remains of Landsee Castle, built in the 12th century, form one of the biggest ruined castle complexes in Europe and nestle in a beautiful setting. The area is popular for bike rides and hikes.

The Landseer Berge offer many highlights: varied farmland; hiking trails, cycle routes and mountain bike trails; one of Central Europe’s biggest ruined castles (Landsee), with an open-air stage and lookout tower;

Celtic archaeological sites, Celtic festival and museum tower in Schwarzenbach; Kobersdorf Castle, a cultural centre which stages plays, cabaret and musical performances; the interactive nature museum “Der Natur auf der Spur” at Lackenbach Castle; the Pauliberg, Austria’s “newest” volcano, with naturally occurring glass and ceramics, and the nature reserve bathing lake at Kobersdorf.

All in all, the Landseer Berge Nature Reserve offers numerous opportunities to enjoy nature and culture.


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