Race track laid out according to CIK and FIA regulations. Length: track 1 = 1,007 metres; track 2 = 970 metres. Width: 8 m-16 m. 6,000 m² paddock + sanitary facilities; kart shop; restaurant; lockers; kart park. The race track is centrally located in Rechnitz’s business park, Burgenland, just a few minutes from the Schachendorf-Hungary border crossing. The plot on which the race track is located is 50,000 m². It was specially constructed for the karting company. The tracks can be used by both kart owners and karting enthusiasts who hire karts. A perfect race day is guaranteed as a result of the spacious paddock, with sanitary facilities. The Speedarena race track incorporates challenging chicanes and straights totalling 1,000 metres in length and 8 to 16 metres wide.
Recognised by the FIA as an official race track, the Speedarena course provides the perfect conditions for race action to thrill karting enthusiasts and active kart drivers. There is a separate course where children as young as two can put their skills to the test in electric cars. The site also includes a kart shop with work shops, lockers and kart parking spaces, cabins and toilet facilities for drivers, a room for training courses and team-building exercises, plus a new cafeteria with outdoor terrace. The track can also be booked for photo shoots or advertising photos.


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